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Spring parkour camp

Welcome to Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym
We're excited to once again host our renowned Parkour Spring Camp here at our indoor parkour gym in Murrieta CA!

Our camps offer an amazing experience for students new and returning to parkour. Beginners as young as 7 are welcome. If your child has a knack for adventure, climbing, and creative play then this camp will be an amazing way to spend your holiday season. Great for Kids and Teens. 7-16years

What your child will learn in camp

Each day of parkour camps builds upon the previous day. Students will learn the fundamentals of parkour movements and safety. Students will also learn to navigate challenging obstacle courses and participate in unique creative parkour based games. Your child will learn a ton of useful skills and return home completely exhausted after each day of camp.

  • New unique parkour skills and movements each day of camp
  • improved ability to balance
  • improved ability to land properly
  • Increased ability to access risk and reward
  • Important ukemi skills (the art of falling) to keep your child safe in their training in and out of the gym
  • challenging obstacle courses that encourage critical thinking and adaptability
  • Strength training and mobility related to parkour and climbing
  • "Parkour Vision" the ability to look at objects and see what parkour value they potentially have.

This camp counts as credit towards our gym's beginners program. After taking this camp, children will be just 1 class shy of moving up into our level 1 program!

We have 2 camp dates to choose from this year. Both camp dates are beginner friendly and are open to kids ages 7+. Each camp session is 5 days long, 3 hours a day.
  • Camp#1: March 26th - 30th
    12:00pm drop off, 3:00pm pick up

  • Camp#2: April 2nd - 6th
    12:00 drop off, 3:00pm pick up

Camp Pricing

Non-members: $250
Members: $229

Members may use code ( CAMPMEMBER ) at checkout to receive member price. Purchases will be verified.
A member is anyone who holds an automatically billed monthly membership under the Open Gym membership, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or work-trade memberships.

How to dress & What to bring
Each day of camp, we recommend that students wear appropriate sports attire and bring the following goods.

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts or sweat pants
  • Tennis or running shoes or other multi-sports shoes.
  • Water bottle
  • A healthy snack (we take a snack break halfway through each camp day)

Space is limited in these camps, and they expect to fill up! Enroll Now!
To enroll in camp follow these steps.

  1. Purchase this camp pass on this page (Scroll up and add to cart!)
  2. Head to the main schedule and enroll into the first day of camp.
  3. Click on the first day of the week of the camp of your choice, and enroll.

Pass details

  • 5 visits
  • Unused visits expire after 4 months

Can be used for