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Speed Competition

$30 per classFrom $20 per visit with Competition pass passPurchase required to enroll
Various speed courses designed to test the gambit of skills required to be a quick moving athlete.

Who should participate in this event?
Kids: Kids need a place to let their skills shine, while also not being afraid of competition or utter failure.
Our kid's competition format succeeds at providing a stimulating and fulfilling challenge while simultaneously rewarding everyone participation and rewarding the top players.
We recommend that all kids attend this event no matter their experience level. The event will be beginner friendly and also challenge to those who want to win!
Everyone Else: The Freedom in Motion competition format does a good job at providing a fun opportunity for athletes of any experience level to utilize their skills. Because of its an open forum competition, there is no head to head contests. This lets the less experienced athletes feel empowered and productive and lets fun rule the moment. Athletes looking to place in the top 5 will certainly need to try their best! The upper skill levels will be adequately challenged with the harder versions of the courses and obstacles if they choose to take them on to achieve a greater amount of points.

Types of courses one may encounter include...

· Footwork and balance advantaged course

· Power and climb strength advantaged course

· Tight small spaces and technical movements advantaged course

Kids race for their own fastest time. Participants get 3 attempts at all courses.
The quicker they complete the course they more points they will score.
Everyone will score points, so all kids will feel like they accomplished something!

Kids race for their own fastest time. Participants get 3 attempts at all courses.
The overall fastest combined time across all courses wins.
Individual course best time players will also be announced

3. Pricing: Season Membership for 2020 Season is $35. Pricing for all Comps Events is the following: 1 Event ($30) 2 Events ($55) 3 Events ($70)