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Personal Lesson

From $60 per visit with Private lesson pass

Freedom in Motion offers private lessons for individuals or small groups (up to 5 people). Private lessons are available for kids, teens, and adults in the areas of parkour, tricking, weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. Private lessons are hands down the best way to maximize your experience at our gym. Many people choose to take private lessons with our certified coaches in order to:

  • Complete our Intro to Parkour course with a personal coach and flexible scheduling.
  • Fine tune techniques through video analysis and personalized coaching drills.
  • Nail milestone movements like back flips, kong vaults, climb ups, and more.
  • Become a stronger, faster, more adaptable athlete for any sport.
  • Perfect the basics of barbell lifting and/or gymnastics bodyweight conditioning.

Private lessons are a great way to get accelerated learning on your schedule with a coach of your choice. You can schedule a session almost anytime/day of the week!

To schedule a private lesson with any of our Freedom in Motion coaches, send an email to Classes@FreedominMotiongym.com and let us know what you're hoping to achieve in your lesson, and when you're available. We'll match you up with the best coaches from there!


Single Student
$70/hour (Minimum starting price)

Group Pricing
$70/hour + $30/hour for each additional student

Note: Prices may vary between coaches, who are allowed to set their own personal rates.

Large group Pricing
For groups of 5 or more participants, custom group pricing may be available. Email the gym to tell us more about your needs.
Prices typically start from $150 per private session, depending on the number of participants.

Package Deals

  • Save 10% when you buy 5 hrs. of private lessons.
  • Save 20% when you buy 10 hrs. of private lessons.

Private Lesson Cancelation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel before then you will be charged half the price of the private lessons.
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