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Ages 7+ | Open Gym

$9No purchase required to enroll

Open gym is a time for students of FiM and the greater community to come together and practice parkour in an open setting. During open gym students may train any skills in our space they like so long as it follows the general gym rules. We welcome parkour students as well as dancers, other acrobats, and the general public to come join in on the fun!
Please note, coaches will be watching over things, but will not be giving instruction.

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: It is required that everyone has taken at least 1: session, private lesson, attended one workshop or can show prior parkour experience before attending an open gym. Exceptions are rarely made.

FIM offers a variety of membership options that include $1 access (some even include unlimited access) to open gym sessions starting at as little as $9/Week. That can quickly save you some cash if you come often. Take a look!

Freedom in Motion offers Open Gym sessions daily and for a variety of age groups!

All Ages (Kids, Teens & Adults)
Note, children under 6 will need parental supervision present on out on the floor.
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:
Teens and Adults only (ages 13+ only)
  • Friday:
Youth Open Gym (4 - 13 yrs or with younger siblings)
  • Tuesday:

While we strongly encourage our members to enroll online ahead of time for sessions, it is less important to enroll online ahead of time for Open Gym since we allow in many more kids than our sessions. However, you may enroll and pay online prior to arrival for your convenience. Please click the link below to the Open gym type you would like to enroll into.

To enroll: Using the interactive schedule below (or on the other respective pages), simply click on a Open Gym time block, and follow the prompts to get started. Remember, you must have attend a previous session or have had some experience before coming to open gym. Email us for more info.