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Coaches Certification Program

The Freedom in Motion Coaching Certification Program has been designed by Freedom in Motion founder Jimmy Davidson and Head Coach Jacob Blake. Jimmy and Jacob’s own experience with parkour first began as they traveled internationally competing, performing, and learning from many of the worlds most renowned parkour communities and coaches. First developing entire movement programs for multiple start up parkour programs in California, Jimmy & Jacob are now at the forefront of developing the best innovative teaching methods in the movement industry. With ongoing collaboration with respected researchers in fields such as biomechanics, physical therapy, chiropractic, martial arts, & new emerging forms of fitness we aim to bets create a curriculum that reflects a deeper understanding human movement. It is now our goal to share this knowledge with the next generation of coaches and teachers to further advance the safe and effective sharing of knowledge as it relates to parkour as a form of art and an emerging sport.

The Freedom in Motion Coaching Certification Program, you will develop and understanding of parkour technique in lab and lecture environments. Through our hands-on participation, you will learn to refine your own movement capability while refining your skills as a coach when in the presence of your students. Through this lab and lecture approach, you will receive an in-depth look at important skills like class management, program planning, and making accurate group assessments. Through drills, mock classes, and practical application, you will build the necessary confidence to lead your own teaching programs. Throughout our coaching certification, not only will we talk about parkour but also related fields such as nutrition, strength and fitness, physiology, and emergency medical response. Our program keeps the true spirit of parkour while also allowing for play and personal development. Only those who pass the written and practical tests at the end will earn the title “Freedom in Motion certified coach”

To recap, you will learn:

  • Parkour philosophy & history
  • Safety & sustainability practices
  • Coaching principles
  • Movement science
  • Strength training and injury prevention
  • Class management and programming
  • You will become CPR certified


To register and participate in the Freedom in Motion Coaching Certification Program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • 16 yrs. old or greater
  • Competency of the basics of Parkour (Vaults, Balance, Rolls, QM, etc.)
  • Some experience related to working with groups of people
  • Complete online application
  • Receive via email, confirmation, and approval of your application
  • Full payment must be made no later than 7 days before the certification

To earn your certificate of completion, you must:

  • Participate in the full certification program
  • Demonstrate competency in regards to basic parkour movements during the certification
  • Pass the written test at the end of the certification event (80% grade or higher)
  • Pass the practical coaching tests after the certification (via video submissions or live evaluation)

Additional Benefits

  • Upon completion of our coaches certification program, you will also receive:
  • Job opportunities within the Freedom in Motion network
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for certified coaches
  • FiM support of your social media posts in relation to coaching and training (shares, shoutouts, ect.)
  • Help in establishing and programming your own parkour classes

A Certificate of Completion recognizing you as a Freedom in Motion certified coach capable of: 1.) Teaching the basic movements and spirit of parkour 2.) Leading group parkour classes in a controlled, familiar environment for beginners and intermediate students.


§ Early bird: $499 (until 30 days before)

§ Full price: $599 (within 30 days)

Payment plans available upon request

Scholarships occasionally granted

Taught By

Jimmy Davidson

  • Practicing parkour since 2007, coaching since 2009
  • Professional parkour athlete from 2009 – present
  • Founder of Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym
  • Co-creator of the Freedom in Motion Coaching Certification Program
  • Background: Wrestling, Track & Field, Basketball, Parkour & Freerunning

Jacob Blake

  • Practicing parkour since 2008, coaching since 2010
  • Pro parkour athlete/coach since 2012
  • Head coach at Freedom in Motion Gym
  • Co-creator of the Freedom in Motion Coaching Certification Program
  • Background: Track & Field, Sprinting, Physiology, Parkour & Freerunning

Who should attend?

Parkour Athletes & Coaches

This certification is designed for parkour athletes who wish to take their own practice, as well as their coaching skills, to a professional and entrepreneurial level.

Fitness Professionals

Coaches and personal trainers of all backgrounds will gain an in-depth knowledge of the complex systems of movement at play in parkour. Movements which come with many real-life applications. Additionally, the Freedom in Motion method offers invaluable cross-training potential for athletes and clients of all types.

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