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Annual Registration Fee:

What is the annual registration fee?
This is a yearly fee of $45. This fee allows for a student to be eligible to participate in class sessions for up to one calendar year. This fee is necessary for membership holder, pre-paid plan holders, and those looking to drop into classes.

Why does FiM charge this?
We're glad you asked! This fee does 2 very important things to help Freedom in Motion maintain our high quality and safety standards.
  1. This fee helps Freedom in Motion send our staff and coaches to important parkour and movement-arts related conferences, symposiums, and seminars. Our coaches are sent out to learn new coaching techniques, injury prevention & rehabilitation, and important first responder skills like CRP. This all goes a long way to making sure our coaches are up to the task of keeping our students safe and well informed.
  2. Parkour insurance is really hard to come by and really costly to maintain for our little business. The annual registration fee helps us upkeep our gym insurance policy so we can keep our coaches and students protected from unforeseen events. Having parkour insurance and not just some general gymnastics insurance like some other studios may have is very important to our safety and quality standards!

How does it work?
This registration allows for students to participate in all class sessions!
This is a $35 fee charged every year on January 1st. If you purchase this plan any day throughout the year, the plan will be automatically prorated so that you only pay for the remaining days left in the current year. This plan will automatically bill those carrying any memberships or prepaid plans using a card on file.
Purchasing: You may purchase this plan online from this page or at checkout in the gym to become registered for this year.
Cancellations: If you no longer wish to be eligible for class participation, please just send us a 30-day notice of cancellation to Classes@freedomInMotionGym.com

Who needs this?
Everyone with a membership, or punch-card style plans. Anyone who drops into classes.
First-time drop in students do not need this for their first trial class.

Plan details

Group rates

Each person has unlimited visits

1 person $45
2 people $83.25
3 people $119.25
4 people or more +$33.75 per person