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Terms and conditions for El Cajon Parkour Membership

Terms and conditions for Bronze membership

Welcome to Infinity Dance and Gymnastics. These parkour classes are operated by Freedom in Motion parkour gym in Murrieta CA. We're delighted that you are about to embark on your parkour adventure. Obtaining a monthly membership is a great way to get into the groove of a solid parkour training regiment. Your enrollment goes a long way in supporting our gym, making it possible to continue to teach our art to those who seek it. Before you continue please review the terms and conditions of our monthly plans. The conditions exist to help us plan for the future operations of the gym, such as planning when and with what resources we can improve our facility by building new equipment for example. The following agreement helps keep coaching a sustainable job for our coaches and staff. And it also helps ensure our students are given a fair chance to properly learn parkour. If you have any questions concerns or feedback please feel free to reach out to us.
-Thank you,

Membership terms and conditions

Memberships: Membership grants the membership holder access to a combination of classes, open gyms, and special events depending on the membership type purchased. Becoming a member means that you agree to follow all the written rules of the gym and to follow all verbal rules and safety guidelines spoken by the Freedom in Motion staff. Failure to follow these rules may result in one’s removal from a class, removal from the gym, loss of membership, or loss of access into our facility

All memberships including this bronze membership are automatically reoccurring monthly memberships. The membership fees will be automatically processed on the anniversary day of each month using the card on file. Requests to have your membership be not automatically renewable must be made in writing via email. We will be happy to update the account per your request.

For questions, membership upgrades, changes, or 30-day cancellation notices please email Classes@Freedominmotiongym.com

Auto Payments: Monthly memberships are set to automatically bill month to month by default. If you do not wish for a month to month billing you must let us know of your 30-day cancellation at the date of purchase. The card used at sign up will be used for future automatic billing. If you are on automatic payments currently and wish to turn automatic billing off, a 30-day notice email is required and must be submitted in writing via email (verbal notices not accepted) then in 30 days auto billing will be turned off on your account.
Automatic payments Turned off: If you have requested your account not have automatic payments turned on, the following will apply to your account. If your billing date becomes 2 or more days past due, we will place your account on hold, which will result in a non-refundable $35 hold fee. Holds may be in place for up to 2 months before an additional fee will be charged and so on. If you request to cancel your membership, you must still submit a 30-day notice in writing via email. If your next bill is within 30-days, your final bill will be automatically charged the following month will be your final month of membership.

Cancellations: Any member may choose to cancel their monthly plan within the first week of the plan. Cancellation within 7 days does not warrant a refund of monies used to purchase the original membership but does guarantee that automatic billing will not occur the following month. After the first 7 days has passed since the date of purchase, cancellations of monthly plans must be given 30 days of notice prior to the plans end date. Once notice of cancellation has been given to the gym , the plan will be set to end in 30 days after a notice is given. If a billing date falls within the 30 days, the payment shall be made, and that month will then be your final month, after which no further payments will be taken.

Refunds: All refunds will be made as Freedom in Motion Gym account credits.

Holds: a hold may be placed on an account. A holding fee of $35 will be applied.