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Level Test L.2

$40 per classNo purchase required to enroll
How to level up
ready for more of a challenge? Students will be tested on their skills they learned in the Lv. 2 program. Students are given a Level 2 checklist, this checklist contains all the important skills we teach in Level 2. As students progress, they will have coaches mark skills as completed one by one if the student can demonstrate the skill in question. Once the checklist is 100% complete, the paper serves as a physical ticket into a level up testing session. Tests are typically held at the end of each month. Be sure to check the online schedule for these dates and other changes. If a student passes the test, they graduate up into the Freedom in Motion level 3 program. Students will also receive a level up wristband proving their skill.

Who should test?
Testing is for those have completed the full Lv. 2 checklist and can perform all skills on demand with proper form and control.

Other Requirements?
Must have a physical copy of completed Lv. 2 checklist to hand in to participate in the event.
$40 level up test taking fee for the level 2 test (and all higher tests as well).

When can I test?
Level up tests are typically held once a month. See the online schedule for exact dates and times (below) Make sure you skip to the final week of the month. If nothing is scheduled, feel free to email us for testing times, as they may not be updated.