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Gymnastics style tumbling with a parkour twist. In Freedom in Motion’s Tumbling class students learn all the basic positions and movements one may typically find in a classic gymnastic setting. Our Tumbling Program focuses less on pointing your toes, and saluting the judges but rather on learning aerial awareness, proper technique, and strength. Students can expect to learn fundamental skills important to tumbling form. Skills include:

  • Cartwheels
  • Roundoff
  • Handsprings (back and front)
  • Handstands
  • Tumbling style rolls
  • Front flips
  • Side Flips
  • BackFlips
  • Tumbling movement connections
  • Flexibility and core strength

Who should take this class? This class is recommended for Kids, Teens, and adults. Appropriate for all level 1 and 2 students. Tumbling will build students learn a fundamental understanding of various acrobatics. If you’re new to the feeling of being upside down, this will be a good class for you. Learning these skills will help you complete the Level 1 checklist, and move up into level 2 classes.

Tumbling class is a prerequisite to our Tricking class and our FreeRunning level 2 class.