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Ninja Warrior Competition UNAA

$40 per classNo purchase required to enroll
American Ninja Warrior Competition
UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association) Qualifier Event

Freedom in Motion is hosting an area qualifying event for the UNAA.
Adult and Youth ( 6 and older) Athletes may come out to compete with their peers and make it throughout ninja themed obstacle course! FiM's obstacle course will consist of pre defied ninja obstacles as set by the UNAA league. Our course will have at least 3 upper bodies, three lower body, and one balance challenge. Athletes complete as many obstacles in order as fast as they can to score maximum points!

This is your chance to conquer as many Ninja Warrior Obstacles as you can! Run the entire Ninja Warrior Course and earn points for each obstacle you overcome!
This is a Qualifier Event for the UNAA where you can earn your way to the Ninja Regionals and Finals. Prior to signing up for the competition, you MUST be a member of the UNAA for the 2018 - 2019 season. You can sign up at: https://www.ultimateninja.net/join/

****Event Times****
4pm - 4:30pm - Warm Ups and Explanations

Ages 6-11 : smaller-sized course from 4:30 pm

All ages 12+ & adults begin after the youth event.

****Pricing ****
gym members: $25
Non-members: $40

Competition is broken up into Boys and Girls as well as age brackets:
6-9 years
10-11 years
12-13 years
14-15 years
16+ Adults

1.) Simple sign up with UNAA : https://www.ultimateninja.net/join/

2.) Then click on the green box on the schedule below and sign yourself up for this competition!