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Endurance Parkour Lv2

Learn to use and sustain parkour movement over a long distance obstacle course!

While 5 or 6 powerful moves back to back might be perfect in a fight or flight situation, it’s a methodology that would undoubtedly fail in the face of a long urban traverse. Only by lowering the necessary power output, making intelligent route choices and controlling the breath does it become possible to maintain a sustained pace over much broader distances. The holy grail of this pursuit is the execution of a 1-mile route.
we call this method endurance parkour.

This class focuses on how to use parkour movement over an extended obstacle course. Participating in this class will substantially improve the following skills.
  • Overall Muscular Endurance.
  • Overall Cardiovascular Endurance.
  • Full Body Fitness
  • Body Awareness and Coordination
  • Decision Making Skills
  • General Parkour Skill

    Your body is the only real piece of equipment necessary to train parkour (shoes are nice, and pants we suppose) so it is critical that athletes train their bodies as well as their minds.

AGES: 7 + Kids, Teens, Adults
LEVELS: Level's 1+ Welcome