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FREE Sports Testing

Freedom in Motion is partnering up with Excel Academy to offer a day of FREE sports testing. This is open to EVERYONE of any age. Please let Excel know that you're planning on attending by enrolling with them here at this link. Please, also enroll with us using the schedule below.

We will be taking measurements of the following skills totally free.

Pro Agility Shuttle

Body Control is very important when considering athletes performing at game speed. Starting and stopping quickly is a common trait in all sports. The body control you have will impact the results of a play. The improvement of the timing of the Pro Agility Shuttle will improve to keep athletes up with the speed of the game.

Broad Jump

Broad Jump is the #1 indicator of athleticism. The best athletes on the team always have the best broad jump. This simple test provides insight to how well the athletes body is performing in athletic movement. Broad Jump dictates explosiveness which dictates power, strength and speed.

Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump is a reflective skill that requires the upper half and lower half to work together. The more a player increases his vertical the smoother and more explosive he will become competing. Average Vertical Jump height of 60 jumps is an indicator of conditioning.

10 YD Dash

A 10 yd dash has been used for years in the sports world where m sports use the 40 yd dash. The 10 yd dash is reflective of explosiveness and athleticism. As the body can not accelerate past 40 yards, so maintaining speed becomes the measurement. Details about explosiveness and athleticism tell the conditioning and development of players.

Grip Strength

Grip Strength is a great measure that provides important details in power and elbow health. The better the grip strength the less chance of Tommy John surgery.