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FREE Workshop for NEW Athletes


Freedom in Motion Gym
has a mission to bring the greater mobility Temecula Valley. With this goal in mind, FiM offers monthly movement beginner seminars on the house. These workshops have a focus on the basics and fundamentals of mobility while exploring various creative and strength elements within our indoor obstacle course.

Kids, Teens and Adults ages 7-65+ welcome. (groups separated by age)
Moms, Dads, Fire Fighters, obstacle course runners, everyone strongly encouraged to join in!

Who should attend this workshop?
This workshop is for total beginners. If you are new to Parkour and would like to see what it is all about in a low impact and beginner-friendly setting, then this session is for you!
Your current body type, strength or flexibility level, or overall fitness level are all welcome in this workshop. No excuses, come out and learn a whole new way to play!
Low impact options available upon request for those who may have sensitive joints or previous injury.

What should I wear
Athletic, comfortable fitting clothing. Things you can move around in. Sweat pants, yoga pants, basketball shorts are all great. Jeans or work pants might be a little restricting.
Shoes are important, Try and go for something that has a low heel, and a single piece of rubber on the bottom. Shoes with foam outsoles or lots of teeth and grooves are not too great. Most tennis or running shoes will be just fine.

Can I bring a friend?
Do you know some friends who might want to tag along? If you refer them to us and they sign up, you will earn yourself months of FREE membership! Click here to fill out the refer a friend form.
Bring as many as you like! Just make sure they all register online and fill out our online waiver before they come.

Use the schedule below. Navigate to the final Saturday in the month, click on the class block and follow steps to enroll.