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Free Beginners Workshop (Kids)


Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym has a mission to bring the love of movement to the Temecula Valley. With this goal in mind, FiM is the only gym in the valley which offers parkour and mobility classes to kids teens and adults every day right here in Murrieta.

In addition to our daily classes, FiM also gladly hosts a free 2-hour introductory workshop for kids ages 7-12 on the first Sunday of each month at 5:15 pm These workshops have a focus on the basics and fundamentals of parkour while exploring the sports various creative and strength elements. For more info about these kids workshops, please continue reading. For info regarding our daily classes, weekly beginners classes, or other age groups please click here.

Monthly Kids Workshops
First Sunday of each month
5:15pm - 7:15pm

Interested in our weekly beginner's classes?
Freedom in Motion offers beginners classes for all ages multiple days and times each week. Please just click on the appropriate age group to find more info regarding our weekly classes.

Use the schedule below. Navigate to the first Sunday in any month, click on the class block and follow steps to enroll.

Who should attend this kids workshop?
Kids ages 7-12 welcome. Students 6 or younger encouraged to try out our Little Jumps program.
This workshop is for total beginners. If your child is new to Parkour and would like to see what it is all about in a low impact and beginner friendly setting, then this session is for them!
All current body types, strength or flexibility levels, or overall fitness levels are all welcome in this workshop. No excuses, come out and learn a whole new way to play!

What will my child learn?
in Freedom in Motion's introductory classes, students are exposed to the fundamentals of parkour and adaptative movement. Students learn how to climb, run, jump, and swing their way through our indoor obstacle course with our well trained and experienced coaches. In addition to our parkour curriculum, students learn vital safety skills like how to fall and critical risk/reward common sense skills.

Whats Next?
Freedom in Motion offers a complete parkour educational experience. After your free beginner's workshop, your child will already be halfway through our introductory series of classes called the First timers program. Beyond this workshop, students have access to a variety of classes and coaches to help further hone their skills and move up our level one through five ranking system.
Ask your coach about the workshop-exclusive membership deals that will only be available on the day of these workshops.

What should I wear
Athletic, comfortable fitting clothing. Things you can move around in. Sweatpants, yoga pants, basketball shorts are all great. Jeans or work pants might be a little restricting.
Shoes are important, Try and go for something that has a low heel, and a single piece of rubber on the bottom. Shoes with foam outsoles or lots of teeth and grooves are not too great. Most tennis or running shoes will be just fine.

Can I bring a friend?
Do you know some friends who might want to tag along? If you refer them to us and they sign up, you will earn yourself months of FREE membership! Click here to fill out the refer a friend form.
Bring as many as you like! Just make sure they all register online and fill out our online waiver before they come. Only a child's legal parent or guardian may fill out a waiver.

It's always a good idea to fill this out before you arrive. You will fill one out after you create your account (done during enrollment, use the schedule below!)