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Special Guest Workshop

$25 per class$49No purchase required to enroll
Bob Reese a professional parkour athlete in on tour and will be hosting a 3-hour workshop & open gym for Lv2+ teens August 4th!

Who should take this workshop?
Lv 2+ students ~14+ in age. Students who already have a basic understanding of Tumbling and/or Tricking will benefit from this workshop. Bob will be showing lv.2+ acrobatic and flow techniques. Students may also get permission from the head coach to attend this event.

What will you learn?
"I will be teaching a large amount of awkward skills that most people don't add into their movement. Most of the movement I will teach I have taken and learned from capoeira, dance, and tricking. All of these are moves in themselves but I mainly use them for flow to connect other tricks together in a line."
As the teacher of this seminar, my goal is not to make every student learn a bunch of new tricks, but to teach each student how to learn each trick so that they can keep progressing on the movement even after my seminar is over."

Want to see Bob in action? Click here to see one of his parkour videos