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Lv 1 | Teen & Adult Parkour

New to parkour? Then you're looking at the right class!

Freedom in Motion's level-1 beginner's program is designed to safely teach the fundamental skills of parkour while instilling a love for physical fitness and play.
In this class, students will experience...
  • Important safety concepts of parkour
  • Fundamental movement concepts present in the sport of Parkour
  • Basic Parkour vocabulary and terminology
  • New and challenging concepts of maneuvering, commonly used in most parkour movement
  • New friendships with their classmates
  • Valuable mentorship form the Freedom in Motion coaching staff.

Who should be in the Level 1 program?
This program is for everyone of all shapes and sizes, genders, and any sort (or lack of) athletic background. Parkour is the art of learning to move, so if you like to move and want to get better at it, join us!
Moms, Dads, College Students, Military Personnel, Grandma, High School Student, no matter the diversity of the class our well-trained coaches will work with everyone no matter their current level of movement!

What will students learn in class?
The level 1 parkour classes focus on the fundamental movements and concepts of Parkour. Level-1 students take a deep dive into important safety and strength components of parkour. Students also discover and develop new and useful parkour creativity concepts and abstract thinking. In short, students will experience...
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance & footwork
  • Ukemi (How to fall safely)
  • All fundamental vaults
  • Proper Jumping & landing technique and forms
  • Improved bar and swinging skills

The Level-one sessions for Teens and Adults are held on the following days and times. Students may come to any sessions they like, so long as they enroll ahead of time online.

  • Tuesday: 5:40 pm - 6:45 pm
  • Wednesdays: 5:40 pm - 6:45 pm

  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 10:55 pm
  • Sunday: 11:15 am - 12:10 pm

Come test out a class for just $30

After your first drop-in session, you will want one of our class bearing memberships to continue taking this course.
Open this link in a new tab to see our membership offerings. Click here to see memberships.

Your $30 drop-in fee may be applied to your membership if you enroll same day!

How to level-up
Ready for more of a challenge? Students are given a Level 1 checklist, this checklist contains all the important skills we teach in Level 1. As students progress, they will have coaches mark skills as completed one by one if the student can demonstrate the skill in question. Once the checklist is 100% complete level-1 students automatically graduate up into the Freedom in Motion level 2 program. Students will also receive a level-2 wrist band proving their skill.

Click here to get downloadable PDFs for the level-up checklists.

To enroll:
Using the interactive schedule below, simply click on a class time block, and follow the prompts to get started. Easy at that!