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Birthday Party Private

Come celebrate your birthday or special occasion with all your friends at the ultimate parkour playground!

What will your guests experience?
  • Professional introduction to Parkour,
  • Customized movement challenges
  • Fun Parkour based games
  • Open training time to explore the facility
  • Great workout
  • Tables and chairs for your event (you may bring any food you like)
  • Dedicated party staff for your event.
  • Get the gym all to yourself! No other events or parties can take place during your time.

    Need more convincing? Just check our testimonials page!

Who should I invite to my parkour party
Parkour is an amazing sport for everyone of all shapes and sizes, girl or boy. We have had plenty of kids and teens parties. We ever throw a pretty mean adult party.
mom, dad, little sisters or brothers, your out of shape friend who doesn't have a single athletic bone in their body, everyone can have a great time doing parkour under the guidance of our well-trained coaches!

What Days and Times can I book my party for?
Parties are typically booked anytime the gym is not already hosting a class or session.

Sundays: Anytime after we close. bookings may start at 5:15pm
Monday: Book any time before 4pm or after 6pm
Tuesday: Book anytime before 4pm
Wednesday: Book anytime before 4pm
Thursday: Book anytime before 4pm
Friday: Book anytime before 4pm
Saturday: Anytime after we close. Bookings may start at 6:15pm

More Information
  • Private Parties start at 90 minutes for $400. Additional time may be added to $75 per half-hour. Want to book an extra long party or overnight sleepover party? See more below.
  • You may invite up to 15 participants. Please let us know if you expect more than 15 participants, as we will need to bring in more staff! +$10 per additional participant.
  • More than 15 students? Please let us know if you expect more than 15. We will charge the card on file 10$ for each additional participant checked into your party beyond 15.
  • Space tends to book up quickly. Have a date in mind?Reserve your date now for only $50. Holding fee will be applied to your total party cost. Reserve your party today!
  • A cleaning fee of up to $75 (depending on severity) may be added to your total bill at the gym's discretion for spilled body fluids during your event. Sometimes kids have accidents, we get that, but someone's gotta clean it up.
  • Adult party? If you wish to bring any sort of alcohol, please let us know so we can make you aware of our policies and best practices regarding alcohol.
Birthday sleepover parties (overnight)
Parties may also be booked overnight and last until the next day's morning
Sleepover parties typically begin at 7:30pm and have a pickup time of 8:00am the next morning.
Party includes a 90-minute beginners lesson and a full night of games and play.
Lights out no later than 2am.
An overnight Sleepover party is $60 per hour with an 8-hour minimum length.

Booking Information
Parties can be booked in person, over the phone or by email. Custom parties like sleepover parties or adult parties with alcohol will need special approval and will need to be emailed in for a quote.
E: Classes@FreedomInMotiongym.com
P: (951) 435-8809
In Gym: Come in anytime during open gym, or before class to get set up!

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