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Live Parkour Demo

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Let the Freedom in Motion professional team of athletes take care of your crowd-pleasing needs. From live choreographed performances to ongoing interactive entertainment, Freedom in Motion's team of athletes has the training and experience to take on any athletic demand.

Athletic Services include:
  • Live performances
  • TV, Movie, commercial stunt acting
  • Product video reviews (Does it hold up to the parkour test?)
  • Movement training workshops - teaching and development
  • Parkour capable zombies or theme park scaring cast
  • Professional competition participation
Other Services Include
  • Professional Competition judging and MC
  • Product testing and feedback (shoes, wearable devices, etc...)
  • Course & set development
  • 2010 Mens Health Urban-Athalon in Chicago, IL USA (Several live performances)
  • 2010 Haunt OldTown in Temecula, CA USA ( parkour zombie and slider in massive horror maze)
  • 2011 Haunt Mulligans in Murrieta, CA USA ( parkour zombie and slider in massive horror maze)
  • 2012 Outdoor Technology in LA, California USA (Stunt double for product commercial, video here)
  • 2013 Alltech Equestrian Games in Kentucky, USA (Live halftime show, 3-days in a row)
  • 2013 Escape from Wonderland Music Festival in San Bernadino, CA USA (Roaming parkour zombies, crowd entertainers)
  • 2014 Freedom in Motion Debut in Murrieta, CA USA (professional stunt work and choreography. Video here)
  • 2015 LoReal International Sales Conference, Carlsbad, CA USA (Live 5min performance with glowstick suits)
  • 2015 Sofos national sales conference Las Vegas, NV USA (Live 5 min performance)
  • 2015 Sofos international sales summit Rome, Italy (Live 5 min performance)
  • 2016 1st place Men's parkour competition Parkour Origins, Vancouver BC
  • 2016 Aerosports Trampoline Parks, National commercial campaign USA (Trampoline stunt acting video here)

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